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Create with EP Equine Productions
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Create with EP

maximise your audience

What if you could unleash the potential of film for your audience? See something created which people can love, share, connect with? Content which can reach those you’re trying to speak to? In this digital age quality content can transform businesses. Let us help you unleash that potential. 


Engaging Content

to inspire and motivate

Our multiple award winning team has since 2012 been creating a broad range of content for all equine-related industries; from commercials to bespoke features, short films and live broadcast. Our combination of filmmaking expertise and knowledge of the equine world allows us to deliver high-end content to any brief. 


Innovative Storytelling

specially designed technology

Our creative vision and thirst for storytelling has a technical core, with an array of specialist cameras at our heart-beat. We understand film and we understand horses. 


How it Works

a personal approach

Once we've discussed with you the project you have in mind, we'll produce a proposal for you to consider, with no obligation. Whether it's your first film project or the latest of many, we guarantee you will enjoy the journey.